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The best dental clinic in TX. I have been suffering from a serious gum problem for quite some time. The pain was getting intolerable and there were traces of bleeding while brushing the teeth. The periodontal care offered by this clinic solved my issue. Now, I have healthy gums and the credit goes to the team of dentists at Briq Dental.

James W.

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Briq Dental is definitely the place to go if you are facing a dental emergency situation. A few months ago, I got involved in a car accident. This led to serious bleeding from my teeth. As I reached the dental clinic, the dentist calmed me down. He assured me that everything will be alright. The treatment was great and I highly recommend their services to everybody.

Andrew P.

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A very warm and welcoming environment. The whole team was very personable, helpful, and knowledgeable. Everyone here is welcoming and friendly. They not only explain the basics of home dental care, but they take the time to understand your needs and will provide any available treatment options as well as the costs directly. This was my third visit, and it was as nice as the first.

Robert M.

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The service I received at Briq Dental was uncomparable. The dentists there are also very nice. They made sure that I felt comfortable at the clinic. I will definitely come back to this clinic for any further dental treatment in future.

David M.